We hand-sewed and modified our first prototypes in our garage in Minnesota, USA, and know that many are still used in the wild today. Wow, we have learned a lot along the way! A family run business - We appreciate the experiences and sauna access we are able to provide to others. The sauna bench has a way of bringing people together, and we hope you can connect with yourself, family, and friends in new ways.

Ox Sweat Sauna Name: 

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox stories are favorites in our house. An image of Babe the Blue Ox sweating to pull the curves out of a river to make logs float down the river faster led to naming a blue sauna tent "Ox Sweat" (with some input from two young daughters) and we stuck with it. Luckily, sauna tents also make for a great fort and are easy to include kids as you unpack. Their favorite part is placing rocks "just right" on top of the sauna stove during setup.

Babe the Blue Ox in Brainerd, Minnesota

Portable Sauna Tents and Stoves:

Sauna is a way of life for a lot of people. Like many places, Midwest Winters get long.

We have been exploring and using many different types of sauna tents. With tents using traditional tent poles that broke down into many pieces, we were able to fit quite a few people and hold 180-200 degrees fahrenheit, but they were not as portable as we wanted with way to long of a set up time. We landed on a pop-up style tent. See more about our Skylight Tent in the store.

Blue sauna tent
Sauna tent with smoke