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Ox Sweat Sauna

Ox Sweat Sauna Tent Package

Ox Sweat Sauna Tent Package

The Sauna Tent Package includes a Skylight Sauna Tent and portable Ox Sweat Sauna Stove

Your solution for enjoying a portable wood-fired sauna wherever you go. Experience a soothing 200 degree sweat with this convenient and easy-to-transport tent. Fits 3-4 people comfortably. 

The tent features a three-layer portable insulated design, ensuring optimal heat retention and comfort. Crafted from quilted denier fabric, it repels water and withstands various weather conditions, making it durable and long-lasting.

  • Rain cover 
  • Pop-up construction allows you to set the tent up in minutes 
  • 3 layer portable insulated sauna tent
  • Quilted denier fabric repels water and withstands the elements
  • Two large zipper doors 
  • 3 large windows with insulated privacy covers
  • Ventilation hole and fresh air intake
  • Stove jack with 3.5" hole 
  • 6 ' x 6' x 7' tall 
  • Stake attachment points on all sides of the tent for continued use in any season. 

Ox Sweat Sauna Stove

The heart of your Sauna. Equipped with 3.5" pipe sections that neatly nest inside the stove when not in use, and heat shields that can slide flat against the side to save storage space in your garage or trunk. 

  • Enjoy precise temperature control with an adjustable damper.
  • Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the ash tray, allowing for quick and effortless removal of ashes.
  • Built-in flame arrestor.
  • Heat shields are incorporated to ensure safe operation and protect surrounding areas.
  • Includes a rock basket for a complete sauna experience that folds flat for storage. 
  • Instruction manual included. 

The stove dimensions are 24" long x 17 tall" x 9" wide when folded, and 24" long, 24.5" tall and 12" wide with heat shields and rock basket set up, providing easy heat for a satisfying sauna sessions. Even in those bitter cold winters. 

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