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Ox Sweat Sauna

Rain Cover for Sauna Tent

Rain Cover for Sauna Tent

Rain cover for the top of a sauna tent, pop-up camping tent or ice house.

*All new Skylight Sauna Tents ship with rain covers from Ox Sweat Sauna. 

This cover is custom fit for our Skylight Sauna Tent, and is also a universal cover for many other pop-up tents of similar size (Tents measured 5.8 '- 6' x 5.8' - 6.0' may fit this cover). Our tent poles are ~49.25" and the same size poles on the top and sides for reference. The rain cover can be used with or without the stove jack open and may fit your sauna tent from a different manufacturer, portable ice house or pop up tent. Please check photos for additional dimensions and information. 

Here's why you'll love it:

  • Stay Dry, Stay Sweaty: Say goodbye to soggy canvases and hello to complete water protection. The Rain Cover is UV resistant and waterproof, forming an impenetrable barrier against the elements.
  • Effortless Setup, Worry-Free Relaxation: Four secure attachment points seamlessly connect the cover to your sauna tent. No more tangled cords or tripping hazards, just pure sauna zen.
  • Ultimate Flexibility: For those seeking truly watertight moments, the Rain Cover boasts a 12" x 15" hole with a velcro attachment point for your hot tent stove jack. Simply roll down the cover for complete weatherproofing, or leave it open for starlit saunas under a clear sky.
  • Unleash the Sauna Beast: The Rain Cover lets you push your sauna season further than ever before. Embrace crisp autumn mornings, toasty winter nights, and even spring showers without a drop of worry.

With the Ox Sweat Sauna Rain Cover, you can:

  • Extend your sauna season to every season.
  • Enjoy complete weather protection for uninterrupted relaxation.
  • Maintain the integrity and lifespan of your sauna tent.
  • Experience the freedom of all-weather sauna adventures.

Don't let the weather dictate your sweat schedule. Get your Ox Sweat Sauna Rain Cover today and unlock the true potential of your portable sauna sanctuary!

 In stock and ships within two businesses days.

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